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Feels like Summer (except that it's cool) Despite this being the middle of Winter here in Australia, I could almost convince myself it was Summer. 2002-07-10
Internet Species Database A database of all the known species and their evolutionary history should be an interesting and useful tool. Here's what I think it should contain at the minimum. 2002-07-06
Jurassic Park, Wooden Dinosaurs and Chaos Watching Jurassic Park brings back memories of a talk I gave involving fractals, chaos and wooden dinosaurs. 2002-06-22
The Red Cordial Disaster Which is more toxic, red cordial or bleach? 2002-05-13
Sleepless Nights Staying up all night working on a project brings back some memories. 2002-05-06
Of lost dogs, books, wind and sleep A search for a missing dog is very tiring, but the night is a time to be savoured. 2002-04-23
Beauty in Suburbia You can find pretty little oases hidden away in the monotony of suburbia. 2002-04-19
I Hate Netscape 4 I didn't always loathe Netscape 4.x, but today is a bad day. 2002-04-18
Funny food Sometimes it is safer not to know the ingredients. 2002-04-17 update The website has undergone some changes recently. I hope, in future, to use XML as the basis of 2002-04-14
Going Home - Melbourne Memories I revisted some of my history during an Easter trip to Melbourne. 2002-04-02
Paul Davies, Entropy, the Universe and Noise I attended a Paul Davies colloquium on Gravitational entropy and cosmology. This is a brief description of his talk and some discussion on the difference between theoretical and experimental physics. 2002-02-06
Time and dreams I'm busy and I want time to dream. 2002-02-03
Fellowship of the Rings Review The first installment of the cinematic Lord of the Rings trilogy is a good movie, but lacks some of the features that made the book so special. 2001-12-31
Moving House - The Pain of a Slow Link Moving house has meant giving up fast internet access - temporarily. 2001-12-31
Just married Beatrice and I finally married on November 3, 2001. 2001-11-19
ANSTO Open Day Report The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation held an open day at their Lucas Heights research laboratories. I stopped off for a look. 2001-09-01
Week in Review 2 The week in review - last week of August. More on my masters and criticism for the government over its handling of the Tampa refugee affair. 2001-08-31
A Knights Tale A review of the movie A Knights Tale. 2001-08-26
Our First Week in Review The wrap up of the weeks events - education, cricket, the website and the wedding. 2001-08-24
Welcome to! Welcome to, a website where I can write whatever I like! 2001-08-24