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Virtual Press Room The construction of a Content Management System for the IAU General Assembly will give me the chance to redesign as well. 2003-05-23
1984 We may not live in Orwell's 1984 society, but there are elements of it in our lives today. 2003-05-12
Sydney Symphony Superdome Spectacular 2003 This year's Sydney Symphony Superdome Spectacular 2003 was a bit of a disappointment. 2003-05-13
Gas clouds and telescopes An astronomy media release posted on Slashdot gives our server a serve. 2003-04-09
Grey A grey ride home in the train. 2003-04-09
Nationalism, sports and politics What the US does politically, Australia does on the sports field. 2003-04-02
Little disasters Must finish project. Too tired to finish project. 2003-03-31
Cricket Move over Steve Waugh, my lunchtime batting is on fire! 2003-03-20
The storm breaks The dust storm in Sydney felt like a portent of the war. 2003-03-20
And so the war begins The US and Australia are off to war with Iraq. I don't think the world is a better place for it. 2003-03-18
Vote 1 Talkback Radio John Brogden, leader of the NSW Liberal Party doesn't impress me during a face to face meeting. 2003-03-18
Friday at last Focussed on a project, my brain would rather wander. 2003-03-14
Dinosaurs and Houses Panic over an electricity disconnection and a visit to the Chinese dinosaurs exhibition. 2003-02-21
More memories of Mt Stromlo Mt Stromlo dominates our thoughts at the ATNF. 2003-01-20
The Fires of Canberra - Lament for Mount Stromlo The Canberra bushfires have not only caused incredible human tragedy, the have also damaged Australian astronomy. 2003-01-19
Friday in the Oven Planning for the trip to New Zealand. 2003-01-17
Happy New Year Happy New Year. 2003-01-05
Fire and the Eclipse On the day of the eclipse, bushfires strike. 2002-12-05
A hill too far away Reminiscing about dreams of escape. 2002-12-01
Parkes At Parkes to give a presentation. 2002-11-20
K-19: The Widowmaker K-19: The Widowmaker is an overly long and slow movie of an accident on a nuclear submarine. 2002-11-09
First Anniversary We celebrated our first wedding anniversary by returning to the Novotel Brighton Le Sands. 2002-11-04
An alarming day Woken up by house alarm, broken laptop, bad day. 2002-10-30
3 Movies 3 movies in 3 days: Pleasantville, Red Dragon and Galaxy Quest. 2002-10-27
Viva La France! I need a holiday. A second honeymoon to Paris would be nice! 2002-10-25
I feel sick I feel sick. The sky turned brown then blue and I still cannot auto thumbnail images. 2002-10-23
Star Wars Saturday A visit to a Star Wars exhibition and an evening bushwalk made this a great Saturday. 2002-10-19
Asia on the mind Thinking of Asia, reflecting on holidays in the region and the bombing in Bali. 2002-10-15
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Sheet Music A review of the piano sheet music album to Howard Shores score to Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. 2003-12-08
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Sheet Music A brief review of the Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones sheet music for the piano. 2002-10-11
Bushfires already? Bushfires already? In Spring? 2002-10-08
New Look The website has a new title bar and colour scheme. 2002-10-07
Anniversary of the luckiest unlucky day Nine years since I met B on IRC. 2002-10-04
World's funniest joke? Researchers believe that they have found the world's funniest joke. 2002-10-04
Documentation is Zzzzz.... Learning how to model data and design databases is boring, implementing it doubly so. 2002-10-03
Censorware Stupidity Censorware stupidity as a newspaper article is blocked. 2002-10-01
Cronulla Beach A couple of photos of Cronulla beach. 2002-09-24
Footy Matter Soccer fans are anti-matter while AFL fans are bosons. 2002-09-23
Saturday night in a painted room Finished painting the study and the guest room. 2002-09-21
Weekend's end Home improvement and programming all weekend. 2002-09-15
80's TV Down memory lane with websites featuring early 80's tv series. 2002-09-10
Battlestar Galactica The first soundtrack I ever listened to was Battlestar Galactica. 2002-09-08
Musty books Getting serious about research witht he urge to listen to James Horner scores. 2002-09-06
Productivity Sometimes I'm more productive working at home. 2002-09-03
New Section - Memoirs of a Maths Student Memoirs of a Maths Student is a new section on this website detailing my experiences as a student. 2002-09-03
Dreaming of Research Feel like doing a science assignment right now. 2002-08-31
Signs Signs is like watching your nightmares on the big screen. Terrifying. 2002-08-16
We didn't have an Elvis wedding... Our wedding celebrant, Russell Hansen, was seen on TV. 2002-08-15
When Astronomers Fear A quote from astronomer Bill Napier in his novel Nemesis. 2002-08-13
Allriting The blog begins. 2002-08-11