Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

Only a quick review of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, as I've just returned home from the cinema and it's past bedtime. I enjoyed it, but, oh boy, was it so much darker than any of the other movies of the series. Lucas wanted a tragedy and I think he succeeded. The second day audience was uncharacteristically quiet, probably engrossed, as I was, with the events unfolding on the screen. Revenge of the Sith was not a perfect movie, by any means. None of the Star Wars movies have been. Despite that, I have had fun watching all of them and Episode III was no exception. It was definitely worth watching the movie on a big cinema screen, especially for the scenes on the lava moon. No home plasma TV can compete there! The music - not John William's finest out of the six movies, but it worked well. There was a lot of music on screen that was not (and probably should have been) in the soundtrack release. The movie ended well in that I felt a real sense of continuity with the original Star Wars movie. I have quite a few other things to say about the Star Wars movie in an upcoming article. Right now I'll sign off and just say that I definitely want to see Revenge of the Sith again in a cinema.