Category: Webworld

  • This blog is moving

    I've decided to stop blogging here and move to a new blog allrite rites at I'll leave the content here, there's a lot of history on this site. I've decided to go with Blogger for now because: I don't have to spend much time maintaining and administering the site. I'm familiar with it, having […]

  • Blogging on holiday

    I've written a detailed description of how I blog on holiday at my travel blog. I deals with limitations of various Zaurus models and how, sometimes, a full PC is what you want.

  • Back to Japan yet again

    Returned from a week in Japan on Monday. You can read more about it on my travel blog. Last chance to go overseas before bub!

  • Expecting

    Finally I can reveal that we are expecting a baby! Very exciting. Life will change.

  • Another day at CeBIT

    Another day at CeBIT and more sore feet. Still, it's been a lot of fun helping out at the CSIRO stand. The best thing was talking to my colleagues about the interesting research that they are doing. These are some of the nicest (and smartest) people that you could meet and it is a real […]

  • CeBIT Australia 2008

    Every year the CSIRO has a stand at CeBIT Australia. I was there to help, along with my colleagues at the CSIRO ICT Centre. This year we had some really funky technology, like the Colonoscopy Simulator. The goal of the simulator is to combine a photo-realistic visual simulation of a colon with a haptic (physical […]