Dog Dreams

The face of a dog haunted my thoughts today. I dreamed of him last night. It was Fluffy, a dog that once lived, almost a decade ago now, at my in-laws, a shih-tzu cross that was found wandering around their post office. They brought him home, called him Benji. To me he was Fluffy, with […]

Fukunosawa – a model railway layout

After almost 33 years I have finally completed* my first model railway layout. It's an N-scale layout based upon a mountain village in the Japanese Alps. It was inspired by a rail journey between Nagoya and Toyama via Takayama through gorgeous mountain scenery, from along the Hida river, past cherry blossoms and up into the […]

Tibet Anger

I'm very angry and severely disappointed at the actions and words of the Chinese in Australia and the rest of the world who wish to crush those who criticise China. It's not that I hate China, because I don't, nor that I think that Tibet should be independent, because that is a complex issue with […]

Random Japanese

Looks like we won't be going to Europe via Korea in September/October. Another trip cancelled/delayed. Another time this year? I wonder.  After watching Spirited Away I'm in the mood for Japanese. I cooked teriyaki fish and vegetables with a sesame sauce tonight, from one of the cookbooks we brought home from Japan. On the weekend […]

Drupal, buses pretending to be trains and Japanese food

Yesterday, instead of my usual two train commute to work I ended up catching four. One to Central, then another to North Strathfield, then all stations to Eastwood and finally a single hop to Epping. Why? Because a bus had run driverless off the road and down the embankment just beyond Epping station. See the […]

Welcome Terry Dowling

I have been neglecting this blog of late, spending far more time updating my travelling allrite blog instead. So I'm about 2 months late in welcoming Terry Dowling to this blog. My excuse is that I only checked the user list tonight! I have mentioned Terry before on this blog. He is my favourite author, […]