Broken week

Last week was rather messed up. I was sick on Tuesday, then that evening B went and broke a bone in her foot chasing Kita on the stairs, so she had a couple of days off. Now she has to walk around with a big supporting boot on her left foot. Meanwhile, I was supposed […]

Back from Malaysia and Thailand

We arrived back from our 10 day holiday in Malaysia and Thailand on Friday. Still feeling the effects of the time difference and lack of sleep on the flight back. Slept in until midday yesterday. Kita is happy to see us again and is very clingy. I do think that he enjoyed his time with […]

Family matters

A lack of updates because of a lack of time. We've had my Mum and sis down from from Queensland occupying much of our time. We shipped sis off to Amsterdam last weekend to be with her boyfriend so things quietened down a bit. It's her first trip overseas and if things work out she […]

The storm

The last of the rain clouds drift away and we are left with sunny skies with the odd fluffy white cumulus. Later in the day the air is still, hot and sticky, sickeningly so. Then from the west, unannounced a grey wall approaches, full of menace, as is Hell has come upon Earth. The heavens […]

2007: The year that was

2007 began with a quest. The rest of the year was probably spent questing for a suitable quest. January saw the deaths of Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant noodles, and a local police officer. It was also a productive time work wise. Beginning in January and continuing on to March I began exploring information […]

Imagined worlds: Out of the corner of your eye

Tonight I watched Miyazaki's Laputa, a Studio Ghibli animated movie about the adventures of a young girl and boy and their quest to find a flying city. Miyazaki's plots are so wonderfully and wierdly different to anything else on the screen, but what I love most are his fantastical cityscapes and industrial depictions. I would […]