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  • Chinatown or Japantown?

    While waiting for Mamak to open B and I wandered around Chinatown yesterday evening. There is something fundamentally ugly about Sydney's Chinatown. It looks rundown, but not in that evocative Asian style. I guess that many of the buildings are just plain ugly, as are many of the shop signs. It's a pity, because there […]

  • Mamak

    We tried out the new Malaysian restaurant Mamak in Sydney's Chinatown last night. The restaurant opens at 6pm and by 6:30 there was already a long queue which continued until after we left at around 8:30. That said, the actual wait wasn't that long. The staff are genuine Malaysians – you can tell by their […]

  • Wolli Creek

    For part of our journey to work the train line follows the path of Wolli Creek. The creek begins somewhere near the rather dreary suburb of Narwee, where I once worked in the post office. It is but a concrete lined stormwater canal, running besides the M5 East motorway, behind playing fields and factories, then […]

  • Malaysia, Thailand, Doctor Who, Elections

    We have decided now to go to Malaysia rather than Europe early next year. The timing and costs for Europe just didn't work out and we found a cheap Jetstar deal for Malaysia. Also thinking of visiting Thailand as part of the trip. I came across a remarkable video of a Thai market located literally […]

  • Europe beckons, but do interruptions await?

    At this moment six years ago I was on a Qantas 747 en route to Heathrow Airport and thence to Paris for our honeymoon. It was our first of three trips to Europe. Earlier today I put down a deposit on a fourth. Yesterday Flight Centre held a European Travel Expo at Darling Harbour. This […]

  • Music, storms, bears on car roofs and sick bags

    On Friday the power went out again at work when violent storms struck the site with great bolts of lightning, heavy rain and even some hail. Disconnected until after 5pm, there was no point in staying so once the storms had passed it was time to leave. The creeks were roaring with run-off, the air […]