Array of radiotelescopes in front of a mountain


The power was lost at work this afternoon. There was nothing thaat could be done without our precious computer network, so many of us left early.

I sat in the food court of Darling Harbour and worked away on my Zaurus. Outside the flags were fluttering wildly as the cool change arrive, banishing the summerlike heat.

I met B outside her office and together we walked to Hyde Park. There we dined on satay, ayam goreng, nasi lemak and roti canai from a Malay stall at the Good Food Month Night Noodle Market. It was the real stuff. Wonderful!

Tonight I see that Jetstar has another sale. I want to book but cannot plan the future right now. Instead I view the new Singapore Airlines and Qantas A380 cabins and dream of flying first class. Keep dreamimg!

One response to “Powerless”

  1. hi just wondering, do you remember the name of the restaurant that sold the satay and roti canai and/or where to find it?? If you do, please let me know…

    And by the way if you like roti & satay…you can go to Mamak, 15 Goulburn St, Haymarket Sydney. It’s a new place that opened last month and serves authentic food at rather cheap prices.

    Would be much appreciated thanks!