Array of radiotelescopes in front of a mountain

Welcome to!


Welcome to! This site serves a few purposes. Firstly it’s a place where I can share my thoughts with the rest of the world. I know that sounds rather self-indulgent, but the web is a great source of knowledge and perhaps I do know something that another might find useful.

I have another website at which provides information on my web design and mathematical sciences company, Allrite Mathematical Sciences & IT. Pretentious name, but it does include my online nick (allrite) and my interests. You can also find some of my science essays there.

Why did I need another site? I wanted to be able to update pages from anywhere that has web access. is hosted on a Microsoft IIS server which is very limiting when it comes to doing fancy things unless you have the money to shell out on MSSQL, on the other hand, sits on a Unix-Apache-MySQL system, which is much more flexible.

I was interested in the concept of Weblogs and wanted to create my own. Rather than adapting an existing Content Management System (eg Manila, PHP Nuke, Slash) I decided to attempt my own. I also wanted to teach myself PHP and online database skills for my day job as webmaster at the CSIRO’s Australia Telescope National Facility.

This site is a work in progress. I have many changes planned for it, when I get time in between planning a wedding and working. Things such as a forum, an image library an more. I may rope in a few of my friends and give them the opportunity to write columns for this site. For now, it’s just me.